How to Monetize Your Blog

In order to monetize your blog, you want your readers to buy products that you are affiliated with, through a link you have provided on your blog website.  When picking which products to affiliate yourself with, the most important thing to consider would be that the product is relevant to whatever you are blogging about.  … Read more

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a term used to describe the buying process.  When you think of a physical funnel, you know it’s used to pour a large amount of something into a more defined, smaller container. With a sales funnel, you’re taking a large number of visitors to a website through a process, or several … Read more

Pushing Push Notifications

What are Push Notifications? Push notifications are messages sent through a mobile device, that will reach their audience anywhere and at any time.  The publisher (sender) can send them at any time and are independent of any website, meaning the recipient does not have to be on a specific website to receive the message. Push … Read more

Understanding Ultimate Bundles

What is an Ultimate Bundle? Though it’s been around a few years now (actually since 2013), Ultimate Bundles have been making a lot of noise lately it seems.  Let me answer a few questions about it for you and give you the low down about it. An Ultimate Bundle is a collection of e-books, courses … Read more

Email Tracking

MAILTAG MailTag is an email tool that will help you organize and track your emails, so you can spend more time making money. Unlimited email tracking It will allow you to recognize when your sent email has been received and opened.  This will give you the ability to know exactly when the email has been … Read more

Spotting Affiliate Marketing Scams

With affiliate marketing being such a big, legitimate industry, there are absolutely people out there looking to take advantage of it through many different scams. If you’re a newbie, just be on the lookout for these many scams and trust that you can truly make an honest living with affiliate marketing.  Let me give you … Read more

Hottest Affiliate Marketing Tool

Part of building a good affiliate marketing strategy, should be knowing what your competition is doing. The ability to determine industry tendencies and gather knowledge about competitor activities is essential if you want to give yourself a good step forward in making money through affiliate marketing. Spy Tools More and more affiliate marketers are using … Read more