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Most affiliate marketers are going to tell you they know about Clickbank, but few will tell you how to make money with Clickbank.  I will get into that for you.  I will look at the products the company has to offer, their business structure, and whether or not you can make money.


Clickbank is most often described as an affiliate network.  However, it’s truly a platform that teaches how to produce income through affiliate marketing or developing your own product to sell.

Clickbank was established in 1998 and now has a global presence in regards to performance marketing for vendors and affiliate marketers.  It has a marketplace where vendors and affiliate marketers can come together to make money for each other.


In order to have a successful business selling products and/or services, it is important that those products and/or services be considered first rate.  It would be easy to figure out that if your company is not selling high quality products, potential customers will not make a purchase.

One good thing with Clickbank is that they offer two ways to work the program.  You can learn to develop and market your own product (usually a digital product) or you can become an affiliate marketer for any of the thousands of products they offer through their marketplace.

As a digital product owner, you can pay a $49.95 activation fee and have your product included in the Clickbank Marketplace.  They will take care of the e-commerce part, including offering an affiliate marketing program to exponentially increase your sales.  There is an additional fee with every sale also.

Becoming an affiliate marketer is the quickest way to make money, if you’re able to find that perfect product. You are given an affiliate id and you can then promote whatever product you choose, through affiliate links they provide. What’s great about this is that it’s free.


Some people question why they should try promoting somewhat unknown publishers materials, found in Clickbank, when they can be affiliates for better known products found in Amazon or Commission Junction.

The difference with Clickbank is that you are able to get an education about affiliate marketing, and earning online income. 

You will learn to take your affiliate marketing knowledge to the next step of developing your own digital product for sale.  The phenomenal thing with digital products, is that the profit margins are the highest because the cost to make a copy of a digital product is next to nothing.


Start as an affiliate and pick the right product to promote.

To determine a good product to promote, Clickbank has several metrics for their products, and the ones you need to concern yourself with are:

  • Initial $/sale – The average amount of money an affiliate makes per sale
  • Ave %/sale – The % of the sales price an affiliate earns as commission
  • Grav – “Gravity,” the number of affiliates that have sold this product in the past 12 weeks (a high number means a hot product)
  • Ave Rebill Total – Average money an affiliate earns as commission on a rebill for that product
  • Ave %/rebill – Average % of rebills paid to an affiliate

Keeping the above metrics in mind, ideally you want a product with high numbers in all of them, and especially a Grav score of probably at least 20.

Create a following:

Promote your chosen product by first talking about it on your website (perhaps a blog), without a heavy sales pitch, and then give away free stuff or added value.  What do I mean by that?  You create a following by having site visitors sign up for more related info and free stuff with their email address. Now you have an email list of interested people who you can sell the product to later.

You want to drive traffic to your website first.  You do that by becoming an authority on whatever the subject. The more content you can produce, the more you will be looked at as an authority, who people will come to for information.  If people feel your website is basically a sales page, they will not be interested in following.

Your goal should be to continually provide interesting content, to keep visitors entertained and coming back.  You can then offer an Opt-in, which is an additional piece of content, that the visitor can get by giving up their email address.

The email list that you will develop is where you focus your sales efforts.  Promote your product through your email list, not directly from your website. Your follow-up emails can contain the product offer itself, or additional related information that contains links to the product you’re looking to promote.


This may seem like a long, drawn-out strategy and a lot of work, but it does payoff and is well worth the time and effort.  Trying to work the program by just dropping an affiliate link here and there, is easy, but it doesn’t work well. The people that do that are the people who feel Clickbank is a ripoff.

Clickbank is a legitimate opportunity.  You can make money with Clickbank if you work it correctly. Click here for my #1 recommended program.

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