Improvely is an all-encompassing platform for click fraud detection and conversion monitoring for your online advertising on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Bing and Adwords. It was created for anybody with a website, from beginning bloggers, to the large marketing agencies. If you want to make sure your advertising budget is being spent wisely, producing effective … Read more WHAT IS IMPROVELY


I would bet every website has used Google Analytics at one point or another.  It can give you critically important information about the “health” of your online business. Let me explain.. WHAT IS GOOGLE ANALYTICS Google Analytics is a web analytics tools offered by Google, to help analyze a website’s traffic.  Best of all, it’s … Read more GOOGLE ANALYTICS – Why Use It

JAAXY REVIEW-#1 Keyword & Research Tool

No matter what platform of affiliate marketing training you’re using, you are certainly being told about the importance of keywords and content research.  Most will also tell you that JAAXY is their choice tool for that job. WHAT IS JAAXY It is the top keyword and research tool for affiliate marketers, because it was designed … Read more JAAXY REVIEW-#1 Keyword & Research Tool