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I would bet every website has used Google Analytics at one point or another.  It can give you critically important information about the “health” of your online business.

Let me explain..


Google Analytics is a web analytics tools offered by Google, to help analyze a website’s traffic.  Best of all, it’s free.

The ability to understand your website traffic is an essential tool for any online business.

Generally speaking, a company’s website is going to be the nerve center for all their digital traffic.  If your marketing efforts include social media ads or some sorts of search ads, your customer will more than likely visit your website first before making personal contact.

With your website being your digital nerve center, being able to understand the effectiveness of all the advertising campaigns you running to promote your business would be critically vital information.  Google Analytics is the free tool that can help you with that.

If you’re not using it, you should be, and should set it up now.


Basically, Google Analytics places a few lines of tracking code into your website’s code.  That code documents the various activities of your site visitors, in addition to other attributes like gender, age, and interests of those visitors. Once the visitor leaves your site, all that information is sent to Google Analytics.

Once received by Google Analytics, the compile and organize that data into four primary levels:

  • User Levels – linked to actions by each user
  • Session Level – each individual visit
  • Pageview Level – each individual page visited
  • Event Level – video views, button clicks, etc.


Metrics are the actual statistics gathered about user behavior on your website.  Dimensions refers to the various ways you can view that data, based on the questions your looking to answer.

For instance, it’s really not enough to just know the number of people visiting your website.  It would be much more insightful to know the age, location and gender of those visitors, to better target your core audience.  If you learn that 80% of your visitors are men between 35-45, in west coast cities, you can adjust your advertising campaigns to interest that particular audience.

The metric in the above example is the total number of visits, while the gender and age are the dimensions through which you segment that metric.

Data analytics is the process of cutting through the raw data metrics in order to answer your business question.


Average Time on the Page – Calculates the time the user is on your page.  What can you learn from this:

  • The level of website engagement with the user
  • The level of interest from the user
  • The average reading speed of the page

Basically, the longer a user is on the website, the better for the website

References – Where are the users coming from? If you know which sites are  referrals for you, you can learn to build better bridges with them, enhancing better business for both.

Interests – Understanding the interests and issues that drive your customers.  To connect with customers, you need to know what’s important to them.  It will allow you to develop advertising campaigns with keywords that reflect customer interests.

To wrap it up, Google Analytics basically measures website traffic and how it is attained. It is an essential tool for any online business that wants to develop an effective internet presence.

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