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Can you lose weight with no exercise and just listening to an audio tape?  Can it be true that The 15 Minute Weight Loss program will teach you how to do just that.


The program is actually a series of audio tapes designed to work the subconscious mind into losing weight.  In other words, it will teach you through hypnosis and subliminal learning about how to maintain the proper mindset to lose weight.


A gentleman named Anthony Swailes developed the program after working with hypnosis to improve his own soccer game, in hopes of becoming a professional soccer player.

While he had great success with teaching hypnotic techniques to improve the soccer talents of many players, he felt he could make better use of this process.  

By the time Anthony had settled on hypnosis as a perfect process, he had researched timeline therapy, transcendental meditation and many other mind-body techniques. 

He knew hypnosis had been used to eliminate all kinds of unwanted habits, including weight loss. While he saw there were plenty of hypnotherapists dealing with weight loss, he felt they weren’t fully informed and therefore the process wasn’t fully working.

To enhance his own knowledge, he attended and graduated from the Academy of Hypnotic Sciences.   He worked himself into a hypnotic weight loss expert.


The program is based on his 3 rules of hypnotic weight loss:

  • Rule #1 – It’s your subconscious mind that will get rid of fat, not diet or exercise.  Your subconscious determines how much you will weigh. Physiology and neuroscience has proven that hormones and metabolism are regulated in the unconscious nervous system.  If you can convince your subconscious to lose weight (by speeding up metablolism and lowering stress hormones), through hypnosis, you will.
  • Rule #2 – Your brainwaves need to by in sync.  This is the part he feels many other hypnotherapists miss out on. There are three basic brainwaves, Beta, Alpha and Theta.  The Theta waves are where deep change can be affected, unfortunately most hypnotherapists work in the Beta wavelength, which is the normal state of mind.

The program relies on the new science of Cymatics, that says you can sync your left and right brains together to reach the Theta brainwaves within minutes.  That is when hypnosis can really work.

  • Rule #3 – You must repeat the process until it’s permanent.  You need to do it regularly, usually for a relatively short period of time. You have to let your subconscious realize that the mindset change is permanent.

While the basis is hypnosis, the audio tapes work with subliminal messaging.  The tapes include Cymatic vibrations and music, with the weight loss messaging buried behind. Your conscious mind will hear the music or whatever sound, and your subconscious will subliminally hear about weight loss.

There are 3 recordings, only 15 minutes long and you only have to listen to one a day.



  • Only takes 15 minutes
  • No exercise
  • No dieting
  • Super easy to use
  • Anybody can use it
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Not available in stores
  • Results can take longer for some people


The price is only $37 and there is a bonus of 3 more subliminal tapes included.  You will also get the Deep Sleep Now, Look Great at Any Weight, and Look Younger Now tapes for whole body wellness.


I like the program because hypnosis and subliminal learning have been successfully used in many other areas, so why not with weight loss.  I think Anthony’s research was credible and accurate based on his results.

I think the program is legit and will work effectively if used as directed.  Though the program insists no exercise or dieting is required, as do other weight loss programs, the promotion of healthier living habits will encourage activity and better eating.


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