How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website Successful

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What are the successful affiliate marketing websites doing that you aren’t?

What does it mean to have a successful affiliate marketing website?

Most Affiliate Marketing Websites

People think that all you have to do is have a website and the money will start rolling in.  In theory, that’s the basis of affiliate marketing, however it’s not a get rich quick opportunity.  It takes a lot of work to develop a successful affiliate business, and then after some time it can become easy to maintain.

You’ll find that most affiliate websites are review sites that promote Amazon or Clickbank products that they’ve probably never used.

Because there are so many sites out there, you have to distinguish your site as one that is truly informative, not there just to make money.  Internet users are wiser these days and can smell a fake review and won’t make a purchase based on your recommendation.

Novice affiliate marketers build their websites based on product reviews with keywords, which is a good start, but everybody is doing that, so it’s not a highly effective tactic these days.  You have to do more.

What do the Successful Affiliate Marketers do

  1. Their production selections are unique
  2. Their product descriptions are clever
  3. Their reviews entice the reader to take action
  4. Their website is organized and keeps your interest
  5. They have built a trusted “brand” following
  6. They took the time and effort to build a high quality affiliate site

Focus Points for a Successful Website

  1. Don’t go in with the idea that you’ll have overnight success. Plan on investing a lot of time and effort to build a high quality affiliate website
  2. Ideally you want about 50% of your traffic to come from direct sources, meaning people are coming to your site for reviews they can rely on
  3. Create your own brand so you don’t have to rely on outside sources
  4. Take your time creating a successful affiliate website, you don’t have to start with a lot of money or content, just the commitment to improve at a regular pace
  5. Make sure you give your visitors great value and honesty, even if it means talking about a product you’re not affiliated with.  This will build the necessary trust you will need for them to come back to your site time after time
  6. Try to provide free tools in your website that visitors can use that will lead to an affiliate sale
  7. Figure out the biggest problem your visitors have and solve it more effectively and efficiently than anybody else.  If you can do that, your traffic will easily grow because people will come back knowing they’ll find a good deal, and they’ll tell their friends
  8. Try to take the time and actually use the products you review.  This will make your reviews more sincere and not look like a copy/paste job.  Remember, honesty in reviews is what people are looking for and will have them coming back to your site.
  9. Try to use high quality images
  10. Start with 1 niche, create great content about it and dominate that niche
  11. Create “product reviews” about your niche, as well as, “how to” articles about your niche if applicable
  12. Personal blogs can be monetized with affiliate marketing within the content
  13. Stay consistent with your content and continue to add content
  14. Build social media contact, using emails, facebook, pintrest, etc.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic passive income opportunity, however, it’s not an overnight success opportunity.  It takes time and patience to create your “easy” passive cash cow.

Realize that as an affiliate marketer, you are the “middle man” in the equation and therefore have to work harder to prove value and solve problems for visitors.  You have to prove you’re the person with the answers, so people will come to you.  If people think you’re saying something just for the commission, they won’t come back.  You have to build trust and show you only have their best interests in mind when talking about a product.

It’s hard to personally test every product you’d like to review, but if you research thoroughly, you should be able to build a quality review for anything, through other “first-hand experience”  reviews.

With product reviews, focus on how the product can solve a problem, don’t just list attributes that the manufacturer has pointed out.

Remember to grow your community through social media outlets.  Developing traffic through social media can be highly effective.

Find a niche, determine your audience, create content and work hard to give your audience high quality content that will keep them coming back and making money for you.

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