ProMind Complex – Mind Saver or Scam?

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ProMind Complex is a new, doctor-developed oral care supplement with seven potent brain-boosting ingredients.  It is designed to work from the inside out on both one’s mental health, as well as dental hygiene.

ProMind Complex is comprised of optimal dosages of L-Carnitine, N-Acetyl, Bacopa monnieri, St. John’s Wort, Phosphatidylserine,Vincopetine, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf and Huperzine A., which work together as a supplement for fighting mind and dental health issues.

Word is spreading about this supplement, but it can only be found at, the home website.  So is it a scam?  It was developed by Dr. Jack Lane and Carl Henderson as a natural herbal supplement to fight against toxic predatory bacteria that are associated with memory loss.

It works as a three step process, first expunging the bacteria, then reviving and improving any wounded brain cells and finally protecting the brain and gums from periodontal disease pathogens. Because the formation of toxic plaque robs the body of vital life force and energy, ProMind is designed to clear the mind of plaque-forming bacteria and debilitating dental nerve bacteria. 

Does It Work

Memory loss is a concern for almost everybody as they age.  Afterall, our memory is what connects our precious past to whatever precious insight we will have for the present and future. Memory loss can cause astonishing stress and fear for people.

Though many things can cause memory loss, aging and age-related health issues are probably most common.  Unfortunately, natural brain degeneration occurs over a lifetime of toxic overload just from the ups and downs of life.  It’s an unavoidable process and there are many age-related diseases of the brain that can hurry up that process.

If you look at Alzheimer’s disease, commonly associated with memory loss, it will lead to the eventual death of the person, because of complications related to the illness.   The condition does make the back half of the brain shrink, but the reason why is unknown, however, age and cognitive impairment are definite contributing factors.  Just to clarify,

Promind Complex does not claim to help cure or mitigate the effects of Alzheimer’s in older people, but claims the supplement is designed to mitigate the effects of memory loss before it becomes diagnosed as Alzheimer’s.  Their discovery is that memory loss is primarily caused by a certain bacterium, which their supplement can help to eliminate from the body.


A supplement is only as good as how well the ingredients combine and work together. The main active ingredients of ProMind Complex include:

  • HUPERZINE A – Helps destroy energy-robbing microbes and bacteria in the same way hand sanitizer cleans, coats and protects your hands. The bacterial-proof properties are intensely important for coating the brain cells with the proper defense to stabilize the cognitive function from enhanced neurotransmitter communication.  It also boosts dopamine levels, which can reduce memory fatigue and improve mood levels.
  • VINPOCETINE – This starts the next process of repairing damaged brain cells through opening up brain blood vessels for increased oxygen intake.  It will clear up mental fog by flushing out cerebral toxins so neurons can fire faster and stronger than before. It creates a positive effect of enhanced memory recall, along with increased overall reaction times and alertness in the mind.
  • GINKGO BILOBA – This popular herb is well known for having beneficial effects on gum disease. They relate on their website a study that showed how the use of the herbal extract significantly lowered the detection rate of periodontal disease pathogens in just one week of treatment.
  • PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE – An all-natural compound that works to eliminate the dangerous bacteria in the body, which can help improve one’s mental faculties over time.
  • ST. JOHN’S WORT – Another well-known ingredient that acts like a super-nutrient.  It will improve the brain’s function by removing hardened plaque in the brain, and boosting blood flow for enhanced brain cell communication.
  • BACOPA MONNIERI – An organic plant that has the ability to naturally improve depressive tendencies and fight anxiety.  It works to speed up the happy chemical production in the brain and maintain memory health.
  • L-CARNITINE – A memory-boosting compound.  The use of L-Carnitine for an extended period of time, with consistency, helps to remember more and forget less.  It will intensify the energy and alertness in the mind.

All the ingredients have plenty of science documenting their effectiveness individually.  What the doctors have brought together are the exact dosages that enable them to work exceptionally well together, for a natural and potent brain boosting complex.


Purchase is only done from the ProMind Complex website.  A discount is available if more than 1 bottle at a time is purchased.

Each bottle contains a 1 month supply of ProMind Complex in capsule form.  Current pricing for packages is:

  • One Bottle: $69
  • Three Bottles: $59/Bottle
  • Six Bottles: $49/Bottle

Payment can be made in the form of credit cards and Paypal.  They also offer a no questions asked 60-day money back guarantee.


It’s a new company, with a new product, but it is definitely not a scam.  It is experiencing phenomenal sales, so many people are liking the product and giving rave reviews.  There are all kinds of sketchy deals within the supplement industry, so I can understand the caution and questions.  With the company only selling from their ProMind Complex website, you should be wary if you’re offered the product outside of the official company website and not directed to the official website.


I think there is merit to the product.  It was designed to help prevent brain problems by eliminating the key bacterium known to cause memory damage.  They don’t claim to cure Alzheimer’s or any other disease, but to combat the factors involved with the disease. They appear to have thousands of satisfied customers, so it seems to work as expected for many people.  Memory loss is a difficult thing to go through and ProMind Complex would be a great, risk-free way to try and fight it.


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