6 Best Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2019

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1) Product Review Sites

Having a product review site or regularly reviewing products in your specific niche is probably the number one type of affiliate marketing technique used at this time.

If you think about it, when somebody is looking to purchase an item, they will probably do an online search, looking to find any type of review or statement about it.  If you have a site that regularly reviews all types of products, they will go to you and based on your suggestion, buy or not buy.

Don’t worry if they decide not to buy that particular item, because within your review you have hopefully pointed them in another direction, to a similar item that you’re “affiliated” with also.  Either way it will be a good thing because hopefully you’re an affiliate with both products, so either way, you’ll get a commission.

The good thing with review sites is that you can review several different products, giving the pros and cons of each product.  You give the website visitor your honest opinion, but allow them to make their choice.  Ideally you’re an affiliate wih each product so that no matter what product the visitor likes and decides to purchase, you’ll get a piece of the action.

2) Social Media Campaigns

Understanding the power of using social media to engage people about your particular niche is always going to be important.  The internet is here to stay and the fact that it’s how people stay connected, is why it’s use is what keeps affiiate marketing a viable business.

You do have to be careful using social media, because the bigger platforms like Facebook do frown on using them as straightforward advertisements for products, so be very clear on what’s allowed, so you don’t get banned.

3) Creative Image and Video Content

As affiliate marketing continues to grow, the ability to stand out, is where your focus should be.  You have to learn to be creative with images, videos, slideshows, etc., so people will come to your site because it is interesting.  Paragraphs of texts alone is not going to cut it.

4) Email Lists and Push Traffic

As an affiliate, building your own email list or sending out Push notifications are starting to become the direction many affiliates are turning towards to make the affiliate income.  Both give you the opportunity to send several targeted offers over a period of time.

Email remains the top way to convert leads into customers.  An email list is something that is all your own and nobody can take it away from you.  You know this targeted audience is interested  in what you’re marketing, so converting these leads into sales is so much easier.

Push traffic is also becoming one of the top lead generation tools for users.  Push notifications are clickable messages sent by a server to subscribers’ browsers.  They can be highly effective, but also can easily be over-used, so you must be careful with their use.

5) Increasing Your Conversion Rates

Affiliate marketers are realizing the importance of site demographics, understanding where your site traffic is coming from and learning to focus on customized messaging for affiliate product recommendations.  Understanding where your highest converting traffic is coming from, is going to help you make the crucial decisions necessary for increasing your affiliate marketing sales.

6) Optimizing Content for Voice Search

With the advent of Google Assistant, Echo, and other such voice activated search products, making your content conducive to this type of inquiry should be of prime concern.

A little while back, a Google spokesperson gave his opinion on what kind of content would work best, when trying to optimize for voice search.  He suggested the use of more structured data on your page, so it is more clear on what the page is about.   If you understand code, it’s not hard at all to put structured code in your website.

Affiliate Marketing for 2019

It is without question that affiliate marketing is continuing to be a popular way for businesses to market their products.   It also continues to be viable source of income for making a living.  Making money as an affiliate marketer, will be around for a long time.

As with almost anything that you want to be successful with, keeping up with the trends is important.  Affiiate marketing makes up about 16% of online orders and that number is only going to increase.  Keep up with the trends so you can make your affiliate marketing endeavors part of that increase.

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