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Part of building a good affiliate marketing strategy, should be knowing what your competition is doing.

The ability to determine industry tendencies and gather knowledge about competitor activities is essential if you want to give yourself a good step forward in making money through affiliate marketing.

Spy Tools

More and more affiliate marketers are using spy tools to make their work more efficient.  What is a spy tool?   It is web app that will search the internet to find all the campaigns that are running and show you all their data in a single place.

This is a tremendous advantage over having to visit competitor websites to see how they are promoting their offers.

If it’s a good spy tool, you will be able to see your competitor’s ads, the traffic volume, the traffic sources, keywords and the length of time the ad has been active.  Not that you would want to exactly copy a competitor’s ad, but that type of information let’s you know what’s working and should make creating your own campaign much easier.

With tools like these, you can have a whole lot of information at your finger tips that will help you grow your online business faster and easier.  The ability to analyze your competitor’s stats and results can mean great leverage for you.

Of course there are many spy tool companies out there, and I’m going to give you a list of some of the top ones to choose from:

Adplexity – This platform makes finding profitable campaigns as easy as pie.  It gives you complete insight on what your competitors are using successfully , so you can quickly create your own ads using information that is working.  It has support for multiple traffic sources, and is a vital tool for the most serious affiliate marketer.

SpyOver –  Targets only native ads for monitoring and analytics, and is comparable to Adplexity.

SpyPush –  They monitor push notifications with the support of all known advertising networks.  They were first to offer that service.  They offer a free trial period as well.

Idvert –  One of the few spy tools to track Facebook ad campaigns, as well as other creatives on the basis of offer analysis.  It allows you to understand the current market trends, discover the latest popular offers and capture traffic sources on offers.  It can be well worth the money for the serious marketer who wants to find profitable campaign ideas in a snap.

WhatRunsWhere – This is good for media buys/displays, but doesn’t work with native or mobile ads.

Ad spying is a great way to speed up your success in affiliate marketing, especially as a newbie.  All of the top affiliate marketers use them in some form or another.  Observing what’s working for your successful competitors is a great way to learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer as well.

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