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Wouldn’t it be terrific if you could have a converting sales funnel selling a product 24/7, automatically created for you?  That’s what Autopilot Funnels will do for you.

With their easy point-and-click software, Autopilot Funnels will teach you how to create high converting sales funnels.  

If you have an online business, having that perfect sales funnel that will bring visitors to a buying decision is vital.

What is AutoPilot Funnels

Autopilot Funnels is the new software membership created by Justin Atlan, the main guru in Clickbank University and creator of Clickbank Builder. 

Because technology and competition grew for Clickbank Builder, improvements were made and it was renamed Autopilot Events, from which Autopilot Funnels was developed.

As the name infers, the software does almost everything for you, so you can put your business on “auto-pilot.” 

It is a platform that includes everything you need for an income-producing funnel, such as, sales page, opt-in page, upsells, thank you page, product delivery page and follow-up sequences.

They have made it so easy to use, no advanced technical skills are needed. You will learn to create and replicate multiple income funnels and multiple sources of income.

How It Works

What you will get:

  • Access to done-for-you funnel templates and resources
  • Done-for-you webinars that you can promote yourself to make affiliate income as quick as possible
  • Email marketing tools, pre-recorded evergreen webinars with high-ticket products that have 50% commission rate or more.
  • Optimized platform where everything is integrated, with no problems and run by Autopilots Events and Clickbank for assurance
  • Opportunity to actually watch Justin work with someone and set up a working sales funnel that brings in traffic within 24 hours

You will learn:

  • How to setup 3 different marketing funnels
  • Which funnels will work best and which ones you should not use
  • How to drive unlimited traffic
  • How to get Beta-access to a brand new version of creating income funnels
  • The do’s and don’ts of driving paid traffic
  • To build simple funnels that can generate $1000 or more per month
  • About 4 different traffic sources that will feed into the funnels
  • Effective use of Facebook ads
  • Much more…

Is AutoPilot Funnels For You

If your current sales funnels are not bringing you buyers, Autopliot Funnels will help you create an effective sales funnel that will lead to a sales conversion.

Do you think having a simple, automatic system that brings you buyers will save you money?  Autopilot Funnels is for you.

If your business can benefit from webinars and you don’t know how to get started making a webinar, this is for you. 

If you have developed an online training course, you can learn to create webinars that people will be glad to watch and pay for.

As an affiliate marketer, you can learn to use sales funnels to sell other people’s high-ticket digital products and eventually your own product.

Is It Worth It

Yes, having an automated sales funnel would be the ideal online income producing objective.  Many of the most successful affiliate marketers agree that one product, with a highly converting sales funnel that runs practically by itself, changed their lives for the better, forever.

The opportunity to learn from the sales and conversion specialists from Clickbank, is practically invaluable.  The Clickbank team will show you exactly how to scale your business.

If you’re a newbie, the point-and-click system they provide couldn’t be simpler for you to enjoy quick success.  It is designed to run automatically!

Final Thoughts

If you’re worried about this being a scam, it is not.  If you struggle with conversions from your sales funnel, this can be a simple solution for that. Autopilot Funnels has conversions almost built into it because they provide you with done-for-you working sales funnels, as well as showing you how to create your own sales funnels for any product.

It is a business in a box that you pay for once and own for life.  The value is there if you’re looking to have an online business up and running very quickly.  There will be products added regularly that will not be upsells. 

Check out Justin Atlan’s free webinar, for the complete explanation on exactly what AutoPilot Funnels will do for you and the amazing tool it is.  It won’t cost a penny to view the webinar, and it will give the full details that a written review may miss. 

If you don’t see the value in this great program, but want to learn how to create a money-making website like this, click here for my #1 recommendation that is absolutely free to start!

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