Is LIFEBROOK the Miracle MLM or a Beautiful Nightmare?

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Thanks for looking at my review of the LifeBrook opportunity.  I’m sure you want to know if you can make legit money with LifeBrook.  Afterall, it is being touted as one of the better MLM companies to join in 2021.

There are so many MLM companies to choose from, so you are smart to do a little research before joining one.

With the straight facts, I’m going to help you determine if LifeBrook is the right business opportunity for you. 

What is LifeBrook

LifeBrook is an MLM company in the health and wellness industry.  It was founded in 2005 by Tony and Jennifer Heisterkamp.

They originally started the company under the name of Eden Valley Orchard & Apple Farm, where they grew organic aronia berries and apples.

As the popularity of the aronia berry increased, they decided to market it through a MLM business model, and thus LifeBrook was created in 2015.

They are not rated or accredited by the BBB.

If you join, you are called an advocate. 

What are LifeBrook products

The aronia berry is the primary ingredient in all their products.  It is their belief and findings that the aronia berry is a super-fruit, with high levels of antioxidants, that has all kinds of health benefits.

LifeBrook claims to have scientific study proof that the benefits of the aronia berry include:

  • Increased overall energy
  • Improved eye health
  • Increased immunity to colds and flus
  • Improved brain health (clarity of thought)
  • Increased overall heart, blood, and circulatory health
  • Improved joint health
  • Improved digestive system function
  • Increased sleep function

The actual product offerings:

  1. PURONIA – This is the pure aronia berry juice, though it also includes filtered water, lemon juice concentrate and Natamycin.  It comes in 24.5oz bottles, sold in packs of 4, 8 or 12 bottles.  The 4-pack retails for $80 and will cost an advocate $64.
  2. VITRONIA DAILY – This is a multivitamin with a difference. A supplement that will restore your body’s key nutrients. One bottle of 60 tablets retails for $40 and will cost an advocate $32.
  3. HYDRAZORB ARONIA MUSCLE & JOINT RUB – Contains essential oils and the power of the aronia berry for sore muscle & joint relief.  It retails for $50 and costs an advocate $40.
  4. ARONIA BERRY SOAP – All natural and handcut aronia berry soap, infused with the aronia berry, sold in 6-packs. It retails for $40 and costs an advocate $40.

What is the Cost to Join

It cost $49.95/year to become an advocate. That includes the following:

  • Training
  • Marketing tools
  • Personal mentorship
  • Personal website
  • Online back office

There are 3 additional package options that include product:

  • Silver – $120 plus 1 selection of each product
  • Bronze – $220 plus 2 selections of each product
  • Gold – $320 plus 3 selections of each product

What is the Compensation Plan

Basically, there are 6 ways to earn money with LifeBrook.  However, it does begin with becoming “commission qualified.”

As with most MLMs, you are required to sell (purchase) a certain amount of product each month.  LifeBrook is no different, and for them, that amount is 105PV (personal volume) per month.

A quick breakdown of the 6 ways to earn:

  1. Retail Commission – You will get 20% commission from your personal retail sales.
  2. Commission from Preferred Customer Purchases – Preferred customers are people you have signed up for automatic monthly purchases.  This will allow them to receive a 20% discount and you will receive a 20% bonus based on the products bonus volume (BV)
  3. Fast Start Pack Bonus – A 25% bonus you receive when your sponsored advocate purchases a starter package.
  4. Advocate Team Bonus – A 10% bonus based on the personal retail sales of your downline, up to 5 levels.
  5. Preferred Customer Level Bonus – A 5% bonus based on the sales made by your downline to preferred customers.  This also goes to 5 levels.
  6. Executive Bonus – There are several different ranks and requirements involved at this point, too much detail to deal with here. I suggest you review the compensation package here, for complete details if interested.
Skin Care

What is the Earning Potential

I can’t really say what the earning potential is because I couldn’t find an income disclosure statement for LifeBrook.  Being unwilling to disclose income information is a red flag to me for a MLM company. 

I’m sure there must be people making money, or they wouldn’t still be in business.  The commission rates seem more than fair, so if you can develop a good customer base and strong downline team, you can probably make decent money.

Most people fail with MLM, and the earning potential will depend on how hard you’re willing to work.  It’s a fairly new company, with a fairly new product concept so hopefully it’s a ground floor opportunity.



  • New company
  • Somewhat new product
  • Above average commissions paid
  • Inexpensive to join


  • Not recognized by the BBB
  • No income disclosure statement available
  • Product effectiveness not really proven
  • Only 4 products to sell
  • Product cost seems expensive

Final Thoughts

I can definitely say it’s not a scam. LifeBrook is a legitimate business, with a legitimate business opportunity for anybody who wants to get involved.  However, I cannot recommend this opportunity to anybody.

As with most MLMs, you have a job that allows you to create your own hours.  Unfortunately, with this one, you’ll be working awfully hard to sell 4 expensive, non-proven, products.

Selling products through direct sales can be lucrative if you’re friendly, like talking to people, or have a large network of friends and family.  However, if like this company, the products are expensive and limited, it will be difficult. Also, when the product is unproven, you might make the first sale, and if it does not do as promised, you won’t have the necessary repeat sales. 

If you’re thinking about joining because you like the products, that’s good because if you have a passion for the products, it will make it easier to sell. 

I hope I have given you enough information to make an informed decision about joining this company.

There are better and easier alternatives for making extra money.


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8 thoughts on “Is LIFEBROOK the Miracle MLM or a Beautiful Nightmare?”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve never heard of aronia berries. Do you know where they come from? The product sounds good, but I am not a fan of MLMs, and you mentioned a few red flags, such as the income disclosure not being available. I think that, as with any MLM business, it takes a while before you can start seeing some returns and it isn’t always easy … So, does Lifebrook also rely on recruiting in order to make a profit for the salespeople or can a representative make money only by selling the product and without recruiting?

    • I wasn’t familiar with the aronia berry either, but it comes from a plant in the Rosaceae family, and is native to North America. It is know to contain powerful antioxidants. Also, I’m sure you can make money without recruiting, but as with most MLMs, recruiting is what makes it lucrative. Thank you!

  2. Hi Yvette. Thank you for your Review of Lifebrook. It seems like a legit business, however it is MLM and I am really not a big fan of this type of business, as it requires you to make regularly purchases and/or create a significant dowline. In my experience, the MLM companies are also not providing sufficient training and tools, do you think is it different from this company? Affiliate Marketing is, by all means, a better option. Great review!

    • Thanks! I prefer affiliate marketing as well, but just providing options! I do not think there is anything special about this MLM company, but I wish those who choose to try it, good luck!

  3. I never heard of that company, nor have I heard of the aronia berry (chokeberry). It looks like this is a Canadian-based company. The two founders immigrated to Canada from Germany. Maybe they imported those berries.

    Anyhow, I personally am not interested in an MLM business. I tried them before. I am a member of one of those companies now. Unfortunately, Canada does not allow importing and selling their products. Therefore I have only access to one very pricy item I can sell here.

    I love Wealthy Affiliate. They offer tons of training and support. I am ecstatic that I could fulfill my dream of having my own websites and write about my interests. And, with it, I can help people.

  4. Yvette,

    Doesn’t sound like a good MLM to get involved with to me either. It would be hard to sell a soap and body rub just because it has that aronia berry inside of it. As far as foods go, it’s more beneficial to ingest the foods versus rubbing yourself down with it. And, there’s only two forms of ingesting the aronia berry. So, you’d basically be selling 2 products. No thanks.
    Thanks for doing this review!



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