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Many people want to try affiliate marketing because they hear it can be a quick way to make money.  Surprise, it might not be!

Even as we get into 2020, affiliate marketing continues to be a popular vehicle for new entrepreneurs, looking to make money at home or online. They are looking for that instant gratification, with minimal effort.

Unfortunately, the problem is that affiliate marketing is not usually a get rich quick business.  It takes hard work and patience to become successful with affiliate marketing.

There are many affiliate marketing scams out there that promise fast money, but the reality is that success in affiliate marketing comes from consistent effort and patience to work an affiliate program.


You must realize that there are hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers like yourself, trying to eek out a living just like you.  You aren’t that special, unless you take the time to make yourself special.

Think about it, you’re just getting into affiliate marketing, but many others have been doing it for many years and probably aren’t as successful as they would like.  Companies still look to use affiliate marketers because many of those that get into, expecting to make easy, quick money, realize it’s not all that easy or all that quick and they drop out.

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to create a following and develop an effective strategy, which takes time and patience.  Fortunately, it’s a business that you can learn as you go, so don’t be afraid to get started.


You need to have the mindset that success may not be quick.  It can happen, but probably not.  

If you happen to have that overnight success with a product, that’s fantastic! However, it doesn’t happen like that for most products.  It usually takes many attempts and consistent effort to develop a successful affiliate marketing campaign.  To paraphrase the old saying, “each failure means one step closer to success.”  It’s better to learn from mistakes than to never have a mistake.

Being successful in affiliate marketing means you have an effective system, developed over countless hours of work.  Consistent routines and positive habits are what your focus should be on to grow your affiliate business.


Everybody wants instant gratification with everything they do.  It’s a great feeling when that does happen.  However, excessive worrying when that instant gratification doesn’t come, shouldn’t be the alternative.

There are so many affiliate marketing programs available out there and developing something sustainable can take many months.  Patience is a necessary virtue here.

What the successful affiliate marketers do is work towards their goals each day, with a consistent and patient effort.  They have worked and re-worked a competent strategy, implemented by good habits.  Don’t give up too quickly.  You can have success too, just know it may take some time.


  1. Thank you for this article. I’m thinking about getting involved with affiliate marketing and this article helped with my research.


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