Perpetual Income 365 – The Hype

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This is an affiliate marketing software system created to make quick money for anyone, no matter the experience level.

The fact that is was created by super affiliate Shawn Josiah is probably part of the reason for it becoming almost a viral sensation.  It seems as though Shawn has a kind of golden touch for anything he creates for online marketing.

I think what also helps the hype is that the actual advertisement contains some outrageous and hard to believe claims.  The suggestion that I could make a huge amount of money, rather passively, would absolutely grab my attention, as well as many others.

I know there are many scams with regards to affiliate marketing and wanted to take a closer look at this program, to see if it was too good to be true.  Is there hope or is it just hype?


If you just consider the name, Perpetual Income 365, it makes you think about easily making money every single day of the year.  Can it be any easier?

They say they discovered a way to manipulate a super-secret Netflix Algorithm to earn recurring income, with almost no effort at all.

Netflix really has nothing to do with the program. The system was created with the help of a Netflix engineer who claimed he found a secret code inside a Netflix algorithm, that helped him earn money online.  He decided it would be a great thing to share this opportunity with others.

In reality, there’s really nothing special about this program, it’s basically the same as probably 75% of the affiliate marketing programs on the internet.

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Perpetual Income 365 works like this:

  1. You sign up with Clickbank to get an affiliate id and then choose a product you want to promote
  2. They have you sign up with GetResponse, or any autoresponder you choose
  3. They have you create an email template for promoting, they provide you a generic sample
  4. They show you how to build a landing page
  5. They show you how to get solo ads traffic, using UDIMI, or any other program you’d like.
  6. Lastly they show you how to promote to earn passive residual income every month
  7. They show you how to promote Perpetual Income 365!

That’s the bones of what you’re going to get, like most of the affiliate marketing programs available online.  You will get incredible training and resources that will teach you how to make money online.

The initial cost is $197, but there are many upsells they suggest to improve your conversion rate.

It is a solid opportunity to learn affiliate marketing. I don’t like the fact that they make it sound so simple.  Also, it’s a little sneaky that if you follow their instructions to the letter, you will actually be learning to promote Perpetual Income 365!

The program was created by super affiliate marketers who know the business, so you will legitimately learn affiliate marketing.  I just think the hype they offer is too strong.  Affiliate marketing is a great money-maker, but it does take time and good effort. 

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