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MailTag is an email tool that will help you organize and track your emails, so you can spend more time making money.

Unlimited email tracking

It will allow you to recognize when your sent email has been received and opened.  This will give you the ability to know exactly when the email has been opened, so you can check in on potential customers when you are definitely on their mind, because they have just read your correspondence.

It will also show you when and if your recipients click any links within your email. 

Ability to schedule emails

It will let you schedule what time you want to send an email.  You can create an email, when your thoughts are fresh in your mind, and then schedule to automatically send it later.  It can be a great time saver to be able create an email at any time and be confident that it can still be sent at the perfect time, every time.

Automatic follow-up

They call them Pings, which allow you to automate your email follow-up process.  Don’t worry about manually sending follow-up emails any longer, another time saver for you.

Following-up on emails is an important part of any email campaign, and if your able to have this done automatically, it would be clearly something that saves you time, money and energy. 

Take a look

It is a program that is easily added to your Chrome application.  They have a 14-day free trial period and a relatively low cost if you decide to keep it. 

If your online business involves using email campaigns on a regular basis, this is a tool you should have.  They are rapidly becoming the email tracking platform that businesses look to use.

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