LEPTITOX Review – 2020 Update

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Can you lose weight using these supplements


Leptitox is a dietary supplement that will assist in your weight loss, through lessening the “leptin resistance” within your body.  It also reverses any adverse hormone imbalance by resetting the hypothalamus, which controls body temperature, thirst, hunger and other homeostatic systems within your body.  Because of this, it allows your body to control your fat and dice through any undesirable fat that could be causing health problems.  It is a herbal solution that develops a unyielding roadblock between avoidable fat and your own body.

This herbal product is made up of more that 22 nutrients that will give you energy and power for the entire day.  It is not a magic weight loss pill, but a nutritional supplement that aids in the break down of internal enzymes, as well as allowing the correct nutrients to work properly to aid in dropping excess weight. It helps to make the weight loss journey easy, without excessive exercising

What is the Origin

Morgan Hurst was the developer of Leptitox, with the help of other expert weight loss doctors.  Hurst actually worked in the natural medicine and naturopathy field and was obsessed with finding a way to combat disease without the use of harmful chemicals.

His path to develop Leptitox began as a way to stop the excessive weight gain of his wife, who found the extra weight made it difficult for her do ordinary activities by herself.  Hurst felt there had to be some combination of natural herbs that would give relief to the body without exhaustive effort through exercise.



It works through the natural digestive system.  With the stomach providing a place to store ingested food, it also contains powerful enzymes and acids that will breakdown the food in order to give your entire body the nutrients necessary to work properly. 

Unfortunately, for those with a slower metabolism, food is not properly broken down and create fat deposits in the body.  Leptitox fights those fat deposits, breaking them down, to give you the energy that those food particles should have given you.  It is a matter of detoxing all the toxic food particles that were not properly digested.  It burns off those fat deposits that make you uncomfortably overweight.

Fortunately, it speeds up your metabolism, in the same manner as an intensive workout, yet without working out.


We know the idea of carrying extra weight around is highly unhealthy.  It has also been said that diets are not always healthy either. 

If you can get the necessary vital nutrients to improve and quicken your metabolism, without exercising for hours on end, I think it would be a good thing.  It works for anybody looking to improve their health with positive  lifestyle changes


Apium Graveoleons Seed – controls your appetite and eliminates toxins from artificial foods such as potato chips and carbonated drinks

Burdock Root – kills germs and toxins and breaks down extra fat, which is then eliminated through urine

Jujube – an anti-oxidant, high in fiber, that basically helps to boost the immune system

Grape Seed – delays the absorption of food, so you feel less hungry without going crazy.

Chanca Piedra – a natural herb that stimulates bile creation, which produces the acids necessary for healthy functioning of organs and proper digestion, improving ones metabolism

Taraxacum Leaves – increases urine output, reducing needless water retention.  It promotes a natural weight loss solution without heavy exercise or any side effects.

Brassica – an anti-oxidant that contains fiber, low salt and low caloric value. It keeps you from feeling hungry, while still giving you energy to function throughout the entire day.  It promotes fast and simple weight loss.

Barberry – a medicinal herb that aids in releasing toxins and cleaning the gall bladder and liver, necessary for improved digestion. It also helps with energy as it fights bacteria and viruses.


1 bottle – $59
3 bottles – $147
6 bottles – $234

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This is a legitimate product that has worked for a lot of people. It’s a totally natural herbal supplement, and therefore, there should be no fear of adverse side affects.  As with any product you find online, you will read about good and bad experiences.  It’s a safe product that offers a 60-day money back guarantee.  If you’ve tried everything else out there to lose weight, Leptitox  could be the last thing you’ll have to try.


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