Spotting Affiliate Marketing Scams

With affiliate marketing being such a big, legitimate industry, there are absolutely people out there looking to take advantage of it through many different scams. If you’re a newbie, just be on the lookout for these many scams and trust that you can truly make an honest living with affiliate marketing.  Let me give you … Read more

Hottest Affiliate Marketing Tool

Part of building a good affiliate marketing strategy, should be knowing what your competition is doing. The ability to determine industry tendencies and gather knowledge about competitor activities is essential if you want to give yourself a good step forward in making money through affiliate marketing. Spy Tools More and more affiliate marketers are using … Read more

6 Best Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2019

1) Product Review Sites Having a product review site or regularly reviewing products in your specific niche is probably the number one type of affiliate marketing technique used at this time. If you think about it, when somebody is looking to purchase an item, they will probably do an online search, looking to find any … Read more

Write A Blog For Money

As an affiliate marketer, your ultimate goal is to have your site visitors purchase products or services you have subtly highlighted on your site, with banners, text links, videos, etc. When you are an affiliate for a product or service, you agree to promote the product or service to drive more customers to that online … Read more