MONAT MLM-My Truth Review

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I’m sure you found this review because you’re looking to make extra money with a MLM company.  With the huge number of companies to choose from, it’s wise to do some research before joining one.

With the straight facts, I’m going to help you determine if Monat is the right opportunity for you.

What is Monat

  • Monat is an MLM company in the hair and skin care industry. They primarily sell hair care products but continue to expand their product line to include skin care and pet care. It was founded in 2014 by the Urdaneta family.
  • They have a BBB rating of A+, but are not accredited by the BBB
  • They have about 500,000 distributors
  • They have many lawsuits, some class action, filed against them regarding products and business practices.  They have almost 1000 complaints filed against them with the BBB.  The majority of complaints are about the product and customer service, with many complaining about being unable to get in touch with the company to resolve issues.

What are Monat’s Popular Products

The company was established selling unique hair care products made from natural ingredients.  They have continued to develop natural ingredient products that will promote a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Their hair products have been developed with 2 Monat exclusive ingredients known as Fiber Rescue and Rejuveniqe S.  Fiber Rescue is a hydrolyzed plant lipoprotein that targets every strand of damaged hair for reconstruction, while the Rejuveniqe S infuses the hair with intense hydration, youthful resilience and instant luminosity.  These include:

  • Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner – provides effective deep conditioning, targets damage at microscopic level, rebuilds and nourishes hair from the inside out, for increased strength
  • Restructuring Shampoo – Sulfate-free shampoo, to restore the strength and beauty of over-stressed, over-processed damaged hair
  • Hair Transformation Masque – intensive ultra-rich reparative hair masque that transforms damaged hair within minutes
  • Inner Force Restructuring Serum – dual treatment serum that reconstructs damaged hair

Additional products include: skin care products made with Rejuveniqe S, cleansing dog wash and dog deodorizing spray.

What is the Opportunity

Being a MLM company, the business opportunity is for you to sell the products through your own efforts and recruiting others to do the same.  You will make commissions on your sales and the sales of those people you are able to recruit. 

Monat will tell you that you will have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life through selling naturally based products.

Unfortunately, as in most MLM companies, you build a business that is not really yours, you have a business within a business.  A business that you can’t improve with better products, can’t change suppliers if you want, or can’t adjust prices to become more competitive.  You have a job that allows you to create your own hours.

What is the Compensation Plan

Monat’s compensation plan is as confusing as any MLM and therefore if you click here, you can review it yourself.  Suffice it to say, there are several layers and as long as you keep advancing, the compensation does become phenomenal.

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What is the Earning Potential

According to Monat’s 2018 Income Distribution report, more than 94% of the Marketing Partners (distributors) made $183 or less, for the year. If you could get to the level of Managing Market Mentor, you could get your income level up to the high 5 figures.  As a Senior Executive Director, you’d be looking at almost $1 million annually.  However, only .01% of the distributors make it to that level.

If you focus on your retail sales, you can earn up to 40% from your personal sales volume.  Because the products are expensive, you may be able to establish a decent income with a strong customer base.  Unfortunately, it may be hard to develop recurring customers because the products are expensive.

What is the Cost to Join

You join with a starter kit that costs $99 and there is also a annual renewal fee of $49.99.  You become a Marketing Partner, allowing you to buy the products at up to a 30% discount off retail and then able to sell the Monat products at retail prices.  The kit includes marketing materials and samples that you can sell.



  • Growing company
  • Likable products
  • Can be worked anytime


  • Expensive to join
  • Products are expensive
  • Lots of complaints about the products and service
  • Most distributors not making good money

Final Thoughts

If you were worried about this being a scam, it’s not.  Monat is a legitimate business, with a legitimate opportunity to make money for anybody who wants to get involved.  However, I cannot recommend this opportunity to anybody. 

Although some people are making money with this, only 1 in every 909 are able to make a full time income.  You will have to work very hard to make money with Monat.  Also, with all the complaints, that news will eventually get out, making it even harder to sell the expensive products.

Selling products through direct sales can be lucrative if you’re friendly or have a large network of friends and family.  I think a passion for the product is also necessary to work with an MLM company. However, if like this  company, the products are expensive, it can be difficult to make money. Most people in MLM, do not make money because of those reasons.


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