The Pampered Chef MLM-My Truth Review

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This is the review you need if you’re looking to make extra money with The Pampered Chef.  There are so many MLM companies to choose from and you’re smart to do some research before joining one.

With the straight facts, I’m going to help you determine if The Pampered Chef is the right business opportunity for you.

What is The Pampered Chef

  • The Pampered Chef is an MLM company in the kitchen accessories and housewares industry. It was founded in 1980 by Doris Christopher
  • They have a BBB rating of A+ and are accredited by the BBB
  • They have about 35,000 distributors
  • There have been a few lawsuits against The Pampered Chef, with most being settled out of court.  There are many complaints filed against them for deceptive practices, false income claims, and warranty and return issues. 

What are The Pampered Chef’s products

The company features over 300 household products such as kitchen tools, cookbooks, bakeware, cookware, gardening tools and more.

They pride themselves in having products that are multi-purpose tools that will actually be used, instead of stuffed in a drawer.

The more popular products include:

  • Deluxe Cooking Blender, $349 – Heats up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, so that it cooks, as well as blends
  • Quick Cooker & Accessories Kit, $299 – For quick pressure cooking
  • Manual Food Processor, $60 – For chopping and mincing without the need of an outlet
  • Instant-Read Food Thermometer, $40 – Digital food thermometer
  • Garlic Press, $20 – Press fresh garlic cloves
  • Classic Scraper, $13 – Won’t crack, burn, melt or stain

They do have a huge selection of products, but they are expensive. I’m not sure that the products are so unique that they would justify paying the higher prices. I know an equally effective garlic press can be bought elsewhere for $10.

What is the Opportunity

Being a MLM company, the business opportunity is for you to sell the products through your own efforts and recruiting others to do the same.  You will make commissions on your sales and the sales of those people you are able to recruit. 

Unfortunately, as in most MLM companies, you build a business that is not really yours, you have a business within a business.  You will have the opportunity to build a business that you can’t improve with better products, can’t change suppliers if you want, or can’t adjust prices to become more competitive.  The opportunity is to have a job that allows you to create your own hours.

What is the Cost to Join

To become a consultant with The Pampered Chef, you must by a starter kit, through a sponsor.  The kits allow you to start your own business immediately. There are 3 different levels of kits:

  • Starter Kit: $99, includes over $400 in products and online business tools
  • Deluxe Kit: $159, includes over $700 in products and online business tools
  • Ultimate Kit: $259, includes over $1100 in products and online business tools

The business tools include marketing emails, and a personal website.

What is the Compensation Plan

Fortunately, the compensation plan is not as complex as most MLM companies.

You make a certain commission based on your monthly sales volume.  You also must maintain a minimum sales volume of $150 to remain active. The commission earnings is as follows:

  • $1 – $749 in monthly sales, earn 20% commission
  • $750 – $1249 in monthly sales, earn 22% commission
  • $1250 – $2449 in monthly sales, earn 23% commission
  • $2500 – $3999 in monthly sales, earn 24% commission
  • Over $4000 in monthly sales, earn 25% commission

The are additional extras to be earned:

  • 3% commission on sales of your recruits
  • Free products and points towards vacation rewards

What is the Earning Potential

I normally like to look at the Income Distribution Report for the MLM at this point, however, this report was not made available by The Pampered Chef. 

That immediately sends up a flag about the true earnings that consultants are making with The Pampered Chef.  They do say on their FAQ website page, that most consultants make $300 or more in sales from their first three parties, which will earn them $100 in free products.

Being a MLM, it wouldn’t be surprising if hardly anybody is making a decent income with The Pampered Chef.  With most MLM companies, over 90% of distributors fail to make more than $500 per month. 

I would guess it would be hard to maintain a strong customer base because the products are so expensive.  You may be able to get one purchase out of someone, but will they become a returning customer.

It will be tough to establish a decent income, through a strong customer base, with high priced products that are not all unique.



  • Established company
  • Good products, backed by 30-day money back guarantee
  • Online training available for new consultants
  • Personal website provided


  • Expensive products
  • House party selling can be difficult and time-consuming
  • Earning potential questionable
  • Required monthly minimum sales volume to remain active
  • Many complaints with the BBB about products and customer service

Final Thoughts

If you were worried about this being a scam, it’s not.  The Pampered Chef is a legitimate, well-established business, with a legitimate opportunity to make money for anybody who wants to get involved.  However, I cannot recommend this opportunity to anybody.

Selling products through direct sales can be lucrative if you’re friendly or have a large network of friends and family.  If you’ve tried the products and love them with a passion, perhaps your enthusiasm will make it successful for you.  However, if like this company, the products are expensive, it will be difficult to make money. Most people in MLM, do not make money because of those reasons.


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