MODERE MLM-My Truth Review

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Have you been approached about joining this company, with the promise that you’ll make loads of money?  

With the huge number of health and wellness companies to choose from, it’s wise to do some research before joining one. Anti-aging and environmentally safe products are quite popular, so could this be a great opportunity?

I’m going to present the facts to help you decide if Modere is the right choice for you.

What is Modere

  • Modere is a MLM company in the health and wellness niche, selling nutritional, personal care and household care products.
  • They were founded in 1987 under the name Neways and changed the name to Modere in 2015
  • They are accredited by the BBB, but do not have a BBB rating
  • They have thousands of distributors in the US and internationally
  • They have a number of lawsuits against them, mostly from other companies about their products, as well as many BBB complaints filed by customers
  • As recently as April of 2020, the FTC sent them a warning letter regarding health and earning claims related to Covid-19

What are Modere’s Most Popular Products

  • Liquid Biocell Life – The super nutraceutical shown to promote healthy aging, active joints and younger-looking skin
  • Trim – For body transformation, includes CLA technology to accelerate fat reduction and Collagen/HA Matrix technology to improve muscle tone and restore youthful skin
  • Cellproof Lip Complex – Features patented Biocell Collagen to diminish the appearance of creases and visibly plump, smooth and soften your lips
  • Tria Citrus – Groundbreaking clean energy drink complex to power you through the day
  • Logiq with Tetrablend – Takes your coffee to the next level with powerful ingredients focused on complete brain health so you will think sharper, look better and achieve more

What is the Opportunity

As with any MLM, the opportunity is to create your own business by distributing the Modere product line through personal sales and recruiting others to do the same. You will earn commissions on the products sold.

They believe in creating a business that is good for the earth and the people who inhabit it.  By joining Modere, you have the opportunity to make money, promoting products that are clean and safe for the environment.

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What is the Compensation Plan

The Modere compensation plan is understandably detailed and was recently updated. To eliminate confusion, it can be found here.

What is the Cost to Join

When you join Modere, you become a “social marketer” for them. You pay $29.95 to register as a social marketer.  Though not a must requirement, you will be encouraged to buy the $399 Builder Collection Package to jumpstart your sales.

In order to remain active, there is a $100 Smartship package that is to be purchased monthly. 



  • Products are clean and environmentally safe
  • The health and wellness niche will always be viable
  • Products promote healthy life change
  • Offer money back guarantee


  • Expensive startup with upsells
  • Required monthly purchase
  • Lots of complaints
  • Questionable sales tactics according to FTC
  • Products are expensive

Is it a Scam

It is not a scam because you do have products to sell.  While the products may be good, they are expensive and very hard to sell.  Because of that, they heavily focus on recruiting people, while failing to support those already in the program. 

Final Thoughts

If you tried the products and liked them, you can be sincere in talking about them, which would help you to sell the products.  With MLM, it is easier if you have a passion for and belief in the product, talking about it to family and friends shouldn’t be hard.  If you have a large network of friends and family you might do well.  If you have a strong conviction about environmentally safe products and want to align with a company with the same values, you could do well with hard work.

I’ve provided the facts above and now the decision is yours. Because of the entry cost, forced monthly purchase and many complaints about the company, I would not recommend this opportunity to anybody.


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