12 Minute Affiliate Quick Facts Review

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I ran across this program in my daily routine of checking out what’s new in affiliate marketing.

I saw so many reviews on the program, with a majority of them starting with the question of whether the programs is legit or a scam.

While I know that’s a typical lead to get your attention, it also tells me that many people must have heard about it and want to know more.

I don’t like the long, drawn out reviews, so this will be my concise, honest assessment of the program.


The 12 Minute Affiliate System is a digital program designed to set you up with your own affiliate marketing home business, in a short period of time.

They start you off with a quick start guide that shows you how to get your business up and running in only 7 steps.

The first step is to pick a niche of interest.  You’re given 3 to choose from, home business, weight loss, or personal development.  Yes, it is limited to those 3, but I’m sure that’s why they are able to practically give you a business in a box.  It allows you to focus in quickly and learn how to setup a business within an already successful niche.

Next, they show you how to create a Clickbank account and then have you purchase a subscription to the Aweber autoresponder.  Both of these actions are easy to do yourself.

They then show you how to use the autoresponder with Clickbank affiliate links to basically make up sales funnel emails. 

The autoresponder is a series of emails sent automatically as scheduled, to keep your recipients engaged and informed.  You are promoting products via email as opposed to having an actual website.

Because of the already known 3 niche choices, they can offer you done-for-you setup and traffic, or you can work that yourself.


12 Minute Affiliate is basically an affiliate marketing sales funnel for Clickbank promoted products. What you’re buying into is having them develop a landing page, manage email marketing and picking the affiliate products to promote.  It is your business, but they do all the hard work for you. 

Sounds like a winner…right?  Let’s go over a couple more facts.


They do offer a couple of different payment choices:

  • Basic Monthly – $9.95 7-day trial, then $47/month
  • Basic Lifetime – $397 one time
  • Gold Monthly – $9.95 7-day trial, then $97/month
  • Gold Lifetime – $797 one time


As I stated earlier, it is a legitimate business opportunity.  You are given everything you need to make money with an affiliate marketing funnel.  The problem is the add-ons.

You will be paying them to promote your sales funnel that may or may not make money for you.

In addition, you pay to get the traffic to your landing pages, which at a minimum is $99 for 90-100 visitors. 

Another add on is for ongoing access to the autoresponder, at a rate of $19/moth.


Unfortunately, results are not guaranteed.  You’ll be paying probably close to $100/month to keep your affiliate business running through them, but you may not make any money.

They promote it to be an easy business that won’t take a lot of your time.  That’s true in a sense because you’re paying them to do the work for you.

Affiliate marketing, in theory, is easy, but in reality it does require hard work.

If you want to say your line of work is affiliate marketing, and have the work done for you, this program will work for you.

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12 Minute Affiliate is a legitimate business that can work.  They provide more than adequate training and support.  They do set you up with a fully functioning business that will work in theory.

However, they have you buying too many additional parts that you could actually do for yourself with less expense.

The true cost of the business ends up being a bit expensive and it could take a while to make money from it, unless you’re extremely lucky.

It is offered as a kind of short cut to affiliate marketing that ends up being expensive, without a guarantee of success.  You will learn how to promote products without a website, but that’s something you can learn to do without spending a whole lot of money.

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