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As women think about relationships, it can often come down to figuring out what is going on inside a man’s head.  To build a successful relationship, a woman will feel the need to become His secret obsession.  How can she do t


His Secret Obsession is a relationship guide, written for women, to teach them how to tap into a dynamic life-long fascination all men share, and how that knowledge can be used to finesse the way men experience them.

It was written by James Bauer, a relationship consultant who has worked with thousands of clients for many years.  He is also known for a course called What Men Secretly Want. His goal has been to study the inner workings of a man’s mind and how a man experiences a romantic relationship.

The guide was written to help women better understand how men think, and how to use that to their advantage. The secret obsession that Bauer claims men have is heroism.  He defines heroism in terms of someone who does what needs to be done, not like saving someone from a burning building.

He feels that women seek a hero and the way they should do it is by becoming more dependent and helpless.  His theory is that a women should sort of force a man to become a hero by making him feel he needs to help her.


Baur explains that the key for women to develop successful relationships with men, is to expose a weakness that the man can help to resolve in some manner.

The course delves into how this Hero Instinct is different than other attraction qualities, such as passion, sexual attraction and infatuation.  The Hero Instinct comes from a much deeper level of the mind and requires a different course of action.  A woman cannot attract a man if he doesn’t feel that hero instinct for her.

While the course does suggest using manipulative behaviors, he also introduces thoughtful debates based on real relationships and biological influence.

The course provides women with tips and strategies to bring out that hero instinct in men.  He gives a list of traits a woman needs to have in order to make a man show his inner hero.  Check the book out to find out what they are.


The course is $47, with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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  • Written in simple language
  • Taps into a man’s mind
  • Created by a relationship expert
  • Money back guarantee
  • Digital format


  • Primarily for women
  • Results may vary
  • Not available in stores

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This course puts Bauer’s years of relationship experience right down in front of you.  While it is designed for women, both men and women can use it to improve their relationship issues. It is jam-packed with strategies and techniques a woman can use to enhance relationships with men.

It explains a new way to look at relationships, on a deeper level, but in a clear and concise way that makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it!  It’s never a bad thing to improve yourself and this course will definitely help you with that. It’s worth the purchase price.

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