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Have you heard that EnerSource is a great way to make money? There are so many MLM companies to choose from and I think you’re smart to do some research before joining one.

The complete company name is EnerSource International and is one of the newer MLMs that is experiencing some pretty good growth now.

With the straight facts, I’m going to help you decide if EnerSource International is the right business opportunity for you. Let’s take a closer look!

What is EnerSource International

EnerSource International is a MLM company in the health and wellness industry. It was founded in 2016 by Linden Wood. Wood first developed his products in 2001, through his other company, Energreens Inc.

He was also a standout in the MLM company Excel. He grew his income to $500,000/month in just 3 years. Needless to say, he is considered to be a master at the network marketing business. I think I might want to join a company led by an expert in the industry.

What are EnerSource International products 

Their products are geared toward nutrition and healthy living. Their current list of products include:

CBD Source – $49.95 – A CBD extract designed to provide concentrated, clean, and pure cannabinoids, without additives, coloring, or flavoring.

EnerGreens – $29.99 – A superfood to help you reach optimal nutrition and increased alkalinity. It will reduce the acidity levels in your body, for better PH balance. It is designed to reduce fatigue, obesity, and foggy thinking, in addition to fighting the aging process and healing general aches and pains. They also have EnerGreens Plus, for $44.95, but I couldn’t determine the difference between the two.

EnerGFX – $44.99 – This is their energy booster drink.

EnerGFX O2 – $29.99 -Raises your alkalinity levels, neutralizes molds and bacteria, and helps your blood absorb oxygen from water. It also aids in preventing acid reflux and heartburn.

EnerGFX B-12 – $29.99 – Promotes energy production by helping the body convert carbohydrates to glucose.

EnerLight Vitamin D3 – $29.99 – A supplement to increase vitamin D intake.

SuperNutrient – $34.99 – Vitamins and minerals for maximum nutritional support.

KetoSource – $79.95 – To enhance the effectiveness of a Ketogenic diet.

Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shake – $59.99 – Dietary meal replacement for weight loss.

They also offer these products in different bundle packs, ranging from $69.99 – $109.00. You can check out the full description of products and bundles here.

What is the Cost to Join 

I guess to make you really think about it, they offer two different starter kit options. one for $49, and the other for $249. So, what is the difference?

As you might imagine, there is a difference in the number of products you will start with. There is also a difference with the commissions you will be paid. With the $49 option, you are limited as to the number of front line distributors you can have under you, all others will be added further down your matrix. This will limit your income potential, which I will explain later.

If you start with $249 kit, you will maximize your earning potential. The important benefits of this option are:

  • Residual income paid to infinite levels
  • Customer sales commission paid to infinite levels
  • Upfront commissions paid, if $150 in product is bought or sold
  • Customer sales commissions of up to 100% on every new distributor

For either plan, you have to purchase $99PV in product each month to remain active and eligible for commissions. That is how and why you would be immediately eligible for 1st month commission by starting with the $249 plan. With the $49 plan, you would have to make an additional $50+ purchase to receive commission the first month.

What is the compensation plan

Unfortunately, it was difficult to find published information about the EnerSource compensation plan. I will give you the best information I could find though. They offer two plans, The Matrix and The Unilevel. In order to be eligible for either, you have to purchase $100 of product each month.

The Matrix plan is structured under a 2 x12 matrix. Your levels are filled through direct and indirect sponsorship. You and your team will be paid from your entire team’s sales. You will earn commissions on 2 legs, 12 levels deep. This is the plan you get if you start with the $49 option. This is why your income potential would be limited. Once you add two people, your team will only build downward for only 12 more levels.

The Unilevel plan pays commissions on your personal retail sales and team member product sales. The Unilevel structure works like this:

  • 1st Level – Your personally sponsored distributors
  • 2nd Level – Distributors that your personally sponsored distributors referred
  • 3rd Level – Distributors that your level 2 distributors referred
  • and continues infinitely….

Clear as mud, right! EnerSource claims they have a highly lucrative compensation plan, but won’t fully disclose it. I bet it is quite similar to most MLM compensation plans. The best I can say, if you do want to join, please insist on a clear explanation of their compensation plan.

What is the earning potential 

As with any MLM, the earning potential is amazing, according to them. I could not locate any kind of income disclosure statement for EnerSource International, to see how current distributor earnings. I have to question a company unwilling to divulge that info, when many others companies do. What are they trying to hide?

I’m sure this is not your only look at an MLM company. You should know that the odds of earning their “highly lucrative” commissions, is highly unlikely!

There are many different reports that will tell you 99% of individuals involved in MLM lose money. MLM can be highly lucrative, if you get in early, but it also has an extremely high failure rate. It’s for that reason, they are often compared to pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes are illegal because only the people at the top of the pyramid make money. With MLMs, the people that make the most money, get involved early on.



  1. Fairly new company, so you’d be getting in early
  2. Products are priced competively


  1. Company details difficult to research, questionable secrecy
  2. Full commissions only available with 1 out of 2 plans-forced committment level
  3. No evidence of product efficacy
  4. Expensive monthly purchase requirement
  5. In a highly competitive industry

Final Thoughts

If you were worried about this being a scam, it’s not. EnerSource International is a legitimate business, with a legitimate opportunity to make money for anybody who wants to get involved. Because it is a fairly young company, I feel there is still an opportunity to make money with them. 

I hope I’ve given you enough information to make an informed decision about joining this company. If you’re thinking about joining because you like the products, that’s good because if you have a passion for the products, it will make it easier to sell. 

Selling products through direct sales can be lucrative if you’re friendly, like talking to people, or have a large network of friends and family. I’ve tried a couple of different MLMs, with no success, so I’m done with them. While it’s hard to believe that most people in MLM don’t make money, just because of the sheer number of MLM’s available. There must but I know that’s the truth. 

There are better and easier alternatives for making extra money.


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12 thoughts on “ENERSOURCE MLM-My Truth Review”

  1. Thanks for the post.

    I have been a supplement junkie for many years and have jumped on board with many MLMs in the past (I joined a lot of them just to get cheaper products).

    Back before Amazon, it wasn’t as easy to shop around and price check. Most MLMs have way overpriced products. The prices are not too shabby for this company: however, I went to their site and they chose not to provide too many details. I haven’t a clue what is in some of their products. Their layout could use some work too.

    I don’t understand their comp plan either because it is vague. I was in Excel many years ago and made some money… not a lot. A guy I was under became a top earner, but the company went public and dumped their MLM.

    A supplement company is a better choice because of repeat monthly product purchases. I am not sure how good their stuff is or if you can make money, but it is probably legit.

    You will not make money just by sending someone to their page. You will need to develop your own pages and a funnel system to succeed.

    • Thanks for reading. I totally agree with your assessment, good research on your part. It is a fairly new company, with little public information available. The products are reasonably priced for the most part, so there might be a chance to develop a good business opportunity. I would be careful and insist on more company information before signing up!

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for this thorough review on EnerSource. This is the first time I heard about this company but unlike most pyramid scheme, this one is a legitimate MLM company to get in.
    The only downside if getting qualified distributors. So I will considering getting a website first.


  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this review. I just heard about Enersouorce MLM so I decided to see what it is about as I’m into this kind of stuff. At first, it looked good to me. However, after seeing the price and the requirements for you to sell, I’m not going to be joining. They ask for a lot of money to get and keep access to the products and the compensation plan. In any case, I appreciate your honesty in this review. Thanks!

  4. I do agree to your view that as its a fairly new company people joining in may have “first mover advantage”. What I find discouraging is their $49 model which has a matrix of 2×12, in my opinion that’s lopsided as it reduces income earning capacity.

    As they are selling CBD oil – Is this company US Hemp Authority Certified? Not sure if that is required in their case?

    • Yes, the $49 plan was absolutely baffling to me, because it totally limits your earning potential! As for the products, I know that haven’t totally met FDA requirements, but not sure where they stand with the US Hemp Authority.

  5. Enersource sounds like they have taken the time to think hard enough, when it comes to the compensation part of the equation. Which to me, is a huge part of why people go into the MLM business. To make money, right?
    So to me, if it is not worth the time you would put in, then why do it?
    Great article!

    • Yes, I’m sure it was well thought out by the founder, because he’s sort of an expert with multi-level marketing! That’s the main thing with MLMs, it does take a lot of time, so make sure it’s worth it!

  6. I really have a bad tast for most MLM’s. I agree you have to do your research into the company before getting involved with them. Most MLM’s are designed to make the company rich, not the members.

    What I don’t like about it is that, as you said, they don’t reveal their members’ earnings and they also force you to buy at a cap before they reward you. This to me is a shady practice because as an affiliate marketer you are supposed to get a commission on ALL sales, not what they decide to give you.

    I could not seem to find out anything about their products which is another BIG no no.
    I will not be putting anything in my body without knowing what it is first. There are way too many products coming from China that have no respect for their customers.

    I checked out your ‘how to quit your day job’ and it sounds really good actually. The best part about it that it’s not door to door salesman product and you don’t have to sell to your friends and family and you will get a commission on every product you sell.

    I love your review thank you very much for sharing.


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