LIFE EXTENSION – More Than Just Vitamins

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If you’re truly interested in having a better, healthier life, Life Extension is good place for you to start.

Their goal is that for every decision, every ingredient, and every supplement they make is done to provide you with the highest quality of life.

The Life Extension mindset is based on being your health advocate, who will give you a personalized key to enhancing and enriching your life, no matter where you are in your life’s journey at the time.

Their supplements and vitamins are manufactured in the US and are continually ranked at the top by Consumer Labs, for product quality.

Their studies led the way in discovering the effectiveness of daily aspirin to protect against heart attacks in cardiac patients.


How do they maintain quality in their products:

  • What you read on the label, is what you get
  • Ingredient purity is most important, not cost (quality may cost more)
  • Only use ingredients that have been successfully studied and tested
  • Follow NSF International good manufacturing practices
  • Most product are non-GMO


  • Vitamins & Minerals
    • Over 200 vitamin and mineral products that have the essential nutrients your body needs
  • Supplements
    • Offer over 50 amino acids that complement the vitamins & minerals received from food
    • Offer over 20 antioxidants and 30 fish oil and omega products
    • 80 hormone products for men and women
  • Herbs & Botanicals
    • If you prefer to get your nutrients straight from Mother Nature, Life Extension also has hndreds of natural herbs and botanical options.
    • If you’re into green teas, super fruits, extracts and cruciferous vegetables, Life Extension can fill that desire with the best quality of natural products from around the world
  • Additional Lifestyle Product categories
    • Energy Management
    • Women’s Health
    • Men’s Health
    • Food & Drink
    • Active Lifestyle & Fitness
    • Protein
    • Weight Management
    • Wellness code


They offer competitively priced lab testing such as:

  • Male Panel
  • Female Panel
  • Weight Loss Panel
  • Food Safe Allegry Tests


They have 24/7, call center, customer service available and Wellness Specialists available online daily from 8am-1am, Mon-Fri and 9am-1am, Sat & Sun.  They can help you design a personalized regimen of diet, supplements and exercise that will work for you


Life Extension has a free rewards system call LE Dollars.  As a registered member, you can get 2% back on future purchases in LE Dollars.  The rewards never expire and you are sent a monthly balance report.

You can upgrade your membership to Premium by paying $49.95 per year.  Premium membership entitles you to 4% back on purchases plus FREE standard shipping on all purchase, a free subscription to Life Extension magazine and free advice from the wellness specialists

If you’re looking to change to a healthier lifestyle, check Life Extension first for the best immune and wellness formulas science has to offer.

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